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From executive producer Ridley Scott (Gladiator) comes an action-packed saga of epic battles political intrigue and forbidden passion. Rufus Sewell James Franco and Sophia Myles star in this rousing adventure set in a time when the lines between heroism ..
Tristan and Isolde

I remember being assigned this book as a junior or senior and bluffing my way through without really reading it. I even got a literature degree without reading it. Finally, after many years, I felt that I should give the novel its due, and picked up a copy..
Lord Jim - The Original Classic Edition

A brand new edition of the classic bestseller. Jim Slater makes available to the investor - whether the owner of only a few shares or an experienced investment manager with a large portfolio - the secrets of his success. Central to his strategy is The Zulu..
The Zulu Principle

A guilty secret and a promise keep him from claiming Sissy as his mate, but how can he keep ignoring the fire she sparks in his heart? Sissy Hunt is tired of being the only twenty-four-year-old virgin Werewolf in Wyoming. She’s loved Jim all her lif..
Laramie Moon

He was waiting to say Hi to Paul. Paul was his best friend. Jim was almost sure of it. At the beginning of the day, Jim and Paul are almost best friends - and after a series of mix-ups, almost enemies Then, together, they see an emergency in the classroom..
Best Friends

As part of his duties, Jim maintains the family dog team that is used to haul supplies to and from the trapline. Times are hard and Jim will lose his dogs unless he can figure another way for them to earn their keep. He enters a grueling three-day race tha..
Dog Runner

Or so it seems on the imaginary island of Kapupu, the setting for the wet and witty sea creatures of Sherman''s Lagoon. For more than a decade, creator Jim Toomey has delighted readers with his off-center look at pop culture through the eyes of i..
Sherman's Lagoon 1991 To 2001: Greatest Hits And Near Misses

These gorgeous, painted pages originally appeared in Epic from 1979 to 1982, and introduced audiences to Vance Dreadstar and the other characters whose saga would be continued in the Dreadstar series.
Jim Starlins Dreadstar The Beginning Hc (c:  0-1-2)

Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. 1902. Not illustrated. Excerpt: ... WHAT BECAME OF MARY ELLEN WHEN Jim Evans bought the Oakville Chronicle and paid five hundred dollars for it, people cal..
Alabama Sketches


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