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ES6 gives a vast makeover to JavaScript by adding new syntaxes and APIs to write complex applications and libraries that are easier to debug and maintain. ES6 aims to keep JavaScript accessible for casual developers, even after adding so many new features...
Learning Ecmascript 6

Here is your essential companion to JavaScript. The JavaScript Pocket Guide steers you through how to: Use basic JavaScript ojects such as numbers, strings, and arrays. Tap the power of functions. Take advantage of JavaScript's flexible objects. Take advan..
The JavaScript Pocket Guide

This concise, hands-on book takes you through the entire process, from setting up your development environment to deploying your product to an app store.Learn how to create apps that have access to native APIs, such as location, vibrator, sensors, and the ..
Building Hybrid Android Apps With Java And Javascript

No knowledge of Objective-C, Swift and Java is required and you'll quickly be developing native, cross-platform apps, in JavaScript!What You Will Learn• Transfer data between applications with URL schemes, and make your application accessible to other mo..
Appcelerator Titanium Smartphone App Development Cookbook - Second Edition

It introduces a variety of techniques, focusing on what students need to know to start adding JavaScript to their Web pages. In each chapter, students perform tasks that focus on a particular technique required for building and creating JavaScript programs..

Understand how Dart breaks through the limits of the existing web browser and JavaScript. Learn the Dart language by following the complete development of a fun, realtime web app tracking customer’s beer mugs. JavaScript is great, but... You hear th..
Beginning Dart

Part 1 details core JavaScript programming with ECMAScript 5.1, especially its new functional and OOP features. Part 2 covers client-side JavaScript programming, including HTML5. There you will learn to script events, DOM, CSS, and HTTP in order build robu..
Pro Javascript

Ext JS combines an extensive library of super-high-quality widgets, an intuitive, extensible component model, and an easy-to-use API to create a full, rock-solid platform for JavaScript-based web apps. Ext JS has been adopted by such household names as Ado..
Ext Js In Action


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