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Considered by some to be the greatest charlatan ever to claim the title of ''philosopher'', by some as an apologist for Nazism, he was also an acknowledged leader and central figure to many philosophers. Michael Inwood''s luci..
Heidegger:  A Very Short Introduction: A Very Short Introduction

Foltz finds that to ecofeminism and social ecology, whose prescriptions are based on historically oriented etiologies of domination and oppression, Heidegger''s work offers what is arguably the first comprehensive and nonreductive philosophy of h..
Inhabiting The Earth

Taylor includes all of the private residences, offices, command posts, and even mobile headquarters from which the Nazi dictator planned his rise to power and the conquest of Europe. Taylor recounts the background and physical description of each headquart..
Hitler's Headquarters: From Beer Hall To Bunker, 1920a1945

His charge: survey fisheries and locate a site for a federal hatchery. The foray took him to the Black Hills and springs of Ames Canyon that poured into Spearfish Creek. The site was ideal. By 1899, Spearfish National Fish Hatchery started raising trout fo..
Spearfish National Fish Hatchery

Through a critical discussion including practically all previously published English and German literature on the subject, the aim is to present a thorough and evenhanded account of the relation between the two. The book provides a detailed presentation of..
Husserl And Heidegger On Being In The World

Considered is Primo Levi, a champion in the fight between civilization and barbarism. Other essays pursue Aristotle, surrealism, Gore Vidal, cultural criticism, Heidegger, the emperor Hadrian, Arthur Koestler, the Jews, David Storey, the Greeks, Schnitzler..
The Benefit Of Doubt: Essays

The group, known as the Tattvabodhinl Sabha, met weekly to worship and hear discourses from members on ways to promote a rational and morally responsible mode of worship. They called upon ancient sources of Hindu spirituality to guide them in developing a ..
Bourgeois Hinduism, Or Faith Of The Modern Vedantists: Rare Discourses From Early Colonial Bengal

In the course of a marriage that lasted almost sixty years Martin and Elfride were often apart, and the letter thus remained a vital means of communication right through to the final years. The letters he sent her are snapshots of the ups and downs, the cr..
Letters To His Wife: 1915-1970


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