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A zygote (from ζυγωτός zygōtos "joined" or "yoked", from ζυγοῦν zygoun "to join" or "to yoke"), is the initial formed when two cells are joined by means of . In multicellular organisms, it is the earliest developmental stage of the . In single-celled organisms, the zygote divides to produce offspring, usually through , the process of cell division.
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In vitro is Latin for in glass. Making a baby was once only a chance process that happened inside the human body, away from observers. Now people with fertility problems can get help when the natural process does not work for them. Scientists can collect..
Test Tube Babies: In-vitro Fertilization

It looks into the techniques used in in-vitro fertilization treatment and explains embryo transfer and storage, egg donation, and reproductive technologies. It also considers the ethics surrounding groundbreaking stem-cell research, surrogacy, frozen embry..
Test Tube Babies: In Vitro Fertilization

This brand-new edition of 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die covers more than a century of movie history. Every film profile is packed with details including the director and cast, a plot summary and production notes, and little-known facts relating t..
1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die

This book re-establishes the relevance of mainstream anthropological (and sociological) approaches to development processes and simultaneously recognizes that contemporary development ought to be anthropology's principal area of study. The introduction pro..
Anthropology for Development

It is almost impossible to imagine modern life without this device; yet, for the first thirty years or so, from its patent in the late nineteenth century, it represented no real advantage over traditional fasteners like the hook-and-eye or the old-fashione..

Soichiro''s reputation becomes tainted when Sumi''s true background is exposed, and even his position as president of his company is threatened. Sumi feels terrible for the trouble she''s caused Soichiro, so she decides to leave him. Will Soichiro choose t..
Stepping on Roses 7

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10 LB, Sluggo, Slug & Snail Killer, Contains Iron Phosphate & Is Used Around Pets & Wildlife, Can Be Used In Vegetable Gardens Up Until Harvest & Ornamentals, Organic Products That Breaks Down Into Fertilizer.

Coir (from Malayalam kayar, cord) is the coarse fibers extracted from the fibrous outer shell of a coconut. Coir is a 100% natural and renewable resource. It has spongy characteristics, possessing excellent air space and drainage with a water holding capac

God's Fertile Ground - Lord Use Me


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