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Yet, while we have been manufacturing perfumes for at least 5000 years to serve a myriad of religious, sexual, and medicinal purposes, until very recently, the limitation of our olfactory faculty has greatly hindered our capacity to clearly and objectively..
Biology Of Floral Scent

Reproduced directly from a rare Victorian-era album of transfer patterns by William Briggs and Company Ltd., these designs are among the finest of the period are are ideally suited for embroidery, textile design, woodworking, leathercraft, metalwork, and a..
400 Floral Motifs For Designers, Needleworkers And Craftspeople

In addition to learning about basic drawing and painting techniques and color theory, readers will learn how to create compelling compositions, achieve depth, and render realistic textures. In The Art of Painting Flowers in Oil & Acrylic, several talented ..
The Art Of Painting Flowers In Oil & Acrylic: Discover Simple Step-by-step Techniques For Painting An Array Of Flowers And Plants

Duplicate a lush Persian floral print from a kerchief worn in the waning days of the acien r
Traditional Floral Designs And Motifs For Artists And Craftspeople

The combination gives each quilt an appealing contemporary feel. Choose from 10 projects that combine patchwork with realistic floral applique Create intriguing flower motifs such as Asian spider mums, orchids, and clematis Projects range in size from s..
Flower Show Quilts

Full instructions are provided for a wide variety of flowers including the 'White Garden Lily', the 'Snow Drop' and 'Narcissus', making this a lovely addition to the bookshelf of any knitting enthusiast.By following the simple rules here given, a few skein..
The Floral Knitting Book - Or, The Art Of Knitting Imitations Of Natural Flowers

Includes attractive headwear and floral accents.
Hawaiian Girl And Boy Paper Dolls


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