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Flat, or , describes an object or condition that is very smooth or level.In Great Britain, Ireland and Australia, as well as in English spoken in Commonwealth countries such as India, a "flat" means an .
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Designed specially for office applications, the Plantronics Polaris P61-U10P is a monaural headset with a lightweight headband and adjustable clear voice tube. The Plantronics Polaris P61-U10P is designed for telephone systems with built-in amplifiers for ..
Plantronics P61-u10p Double Earpiece Headset

He presents such subjects as statistical mechanics, quantum field theory and their interrelation, continuous global symmetry, non-Abelian gauge fields, instantons and the quantam theory of loops, and quantum strings and random surfaces. This book is aimed ..
Gauge Fields And Strings

Nonlinear Diffusion of Electromagnetic Fields covers applications of the phenomena of non-linear diffusion of electromagnetic fields, such as magnetic recording, electromagnetic shielding and ...
Nonlinear Diffusion Of Electromagnetic Fields: Applications To Eddy Currents And Superconductivity

Symmetry is not only one of the fundamental concepts in science, but is also possibly the best unifying concept between various branches of science, the arts and other human activities. Whereas symmetry has been considered important for centuries primarily..
Symmetry 2

Designed to serve as a complete reference on the subject, this book presents an up-to-date treatment of fuzzy automata theory and fuzzy languages. Although theoretical in nature, the authors also discuss applications in a variety of fields, including datab..
Fuzzy Automata and Languages: Theory and Applications

On the one hand, it brought an end to a sense of optimism and decency bred by the prosperity of nineteenth-century Europe. On the other, it brought forth a sense of futility and alienation that has since pervaded European thought. That cataclysmic experien..
Mark Of The Beast

Jack the Ripper: Media, Culture, History collects together some of the best academic work on the most important and sensational murder case of the nineteenth century. Leading scholars in the fields of history, media and cultural studies debate the influenc..
Jack the Ripper

It is the No. 1 dental reference guide with 500,000 copies sold. This easy-to-use reference features information presented in a wider, two-column format, with medications alphabetically indexed by brand and generic names as well as index terms. Within indi..
Drug Information Handbook For Dentistry

It includes an analysis of the applications of UWB technologies in various fields. Ultra-Wideband Radio, referred to as UWB, is a characteristic of a new radio access philosophy and utilizes several GHz of bandwidth. It promises increased data rate communi..
Ultra-wideband Radio Technologies


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