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By concentrating on a wide range of chemical elements, not just those in traditional organic compounds, we show that there is a close relationship between the geological or environmental chemical changes from the formation of Earth and those of organisms f..
Evolution's Destiny

The institutional landscape shapes the social fabric and economic organization in manifold ways. The book elaborates on the ubiquity of such institutional forms with regards to their emergence, durability and exit in social agency-structure relations. Ther..
The Foundations Of Evolutionary Institutional Economics: Generic Institutionalism

This is an exciting time to produce an overview of the systematics and evolution of the fungi. Molecular and subcellular characters have given us our first view of the true phylogeny of the fungi. The systematic chapters present detailed illustrated treatm..
Systematics and Evolution

New topics have been added to each chapter, including dichotomous keys to types of seeds and kinds of dormancy; a hierarchical dormancy classification system; role of seed banks in restoration of plant communities; and seed germination in relation to paren..
Seeds: Ecology, Biogeography, And, Evolution Of Dormancy And Germination

The solution has come from the very scientific discovery that many consider the most mortal threat to traditional religion: evolution. Daryl P. Domning explains in straightforward terms the workings of modern evolutionary theory, Darwinian natural selectio..
Original Selfishness

Were Jurassic dinosaurs social creatures? Can you determine the shape of a ram''s horns from the evidence of its footprints? Paleontologist Martin Lockley answers these and other fascinating ...
Eternal Trail : A Tracker Looks At Evolution

Crustal Evolution and Metallogeny in India Binding: Hardcover Publisher: Cambridge Univ Pr Publish Date: 2012/04/30 Synopsis: "Documents in detail the nature, origin and evolution of the Indian mineral deposits in the context of local and regional geology"..
Crustal Evolution And Metallogeny In India

It is organized to honor one of the founders and most prolific contributors to the profession and transdiscipline of evaluation -- Professor Michael Scriven, and to illuminate the future of evaluation in society. Professor Scriven often shares stories of h..
The Future Of Evaluation In Society: A Tribute To Michael Scriven


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