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Bush babies, the Brazilian tapir, eastern box turtles: every one is fascinating. Kids will be amazed to learn that the koala isn’t really a bear, or that flying squirrels can glide through the air without wings. The information accompanying each dot-..
Forest Animals Dot-to-dot: Connect The Dots & Color

You also will learn to implement those modules in real applications, including interfacing with wireless modules and the Android mobile app. However, you don't need to have any previous experience with the Raspberry Pi or Android platforms.What You Will Le..
Raspberry Pi Led Blueprints

Dot’s efforts quickly draw the support of disparate members of the community, including newcomer Beth Donnelly, married to a local pastor; Elaine Giovanni, the stylish wife of a local surgeon; and an ailing Aunt Teza. But as the four different gen..
The Healing Quilt

On a robotics scholarship at a high-tech American university, he's having the time of his life - but then an explosion at the nuclear reactor on campus changes everything. Jackson and his fellow gamers are highly suspicious - the attack bears the hallmark ..
Dot Robot: Atomic Swarm: Atomic Swarm

Yet history repeats itself and the same elemental forces that drove up the price of South Sea shares to dizzying heights in 1720 have in recent years produced the global crash of 1987, the Japanese stock market bubble of the 1980s/90s, and the internationa..
The First Crash

This third volume of the four-volume e-book edition of Dilbert 2.0 covers the dot-com bubble from 1998 to 2000 for the celebrated cartoon strip.
Dilbert 2.0: The Dot-com Bubble

Yet it is the nurses who are there for us at birth, death, and every bump, bruise, or break in between. A Cup of Comfort for Nurses brings the tales of more than fifty of these underappreciated professionals to life, including: Bonnie, who along with one ..
A Cup Of Comfort For Nurses


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