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Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar Blackstar

DMCA-CASE#66713 - Notice of unauthorized use of XXXXXXX XXXXXXX materialDear Sir or Madam:I, XXXXXXX XXXXXXX, of the physical address below, swear under penalty of perjury that I have detectedinfringements of my copyright interests as detailed in the report below.
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Since the appearance of primitive organisms in Britain more than a billion years ago, oceans, deserts, swamps and vast mountains have come and gone in our corner of western Europe; forests of long-extinct trees, flowers and grasses have covered the land, a..
The Fossil Detectives

Years ago, Eve heard God's call to become a nun, but her recent stint moonlighting at her father's detective agency invigorates her so much that she's wrestling with her vocation. She's working with him on a case involving a miner in New Mexico when alarmi..
The Case Of The Sin City Sister A Divine Private Detective Agency Mystery

The second feature from Kim Dae-seung the award-winning director of the 2001 romantic drama Bungee Jumping Of Their Own Blood Rain is a gripping and grisly period detective thriller set in 19th century Korea starring Cha Seung-won (Eye For An Eye; Kick ..
Blood Rain

This book explores the methods used to investigate new adverse drug reactions, discussing all elements from the scientific background and animal toxicology through to worldwide regulatory and ethical issues.Stephens'' Detection of New Adverse Dru..
Stephens Detection Of New Adverse Drug Reactions

Spectral techniques and fault detection
Spectral Techniques And Fault Detection

The Witchblade and the Darkness have always been linked as related powers. But when Sonatine, a man obsessed with having the Darkness for himself, decides to steal it from Jackie Estacado, its current bearer, and place it into assassin extraordinaire, Ian ..
Witchblade/Darkness: Family Ties

Ultra-low-noise, signal amplifiers that once were affordable only to military systems Low-microwave-loss circuitry utilizing gold-plated circuit boards Use of flip-chip Mixer/Multiplier diodes in packages that were once unattainable First Local Oscillat..
Cobra Electronics SPX 7700 Maximum Performance Radar/Laser Detector

Detects all radar & laser guns currently in use Works with iPhone and Android smartphones Provides 360-Degree protection Displays visual alerts from the detector on iPhone or Android smartphones Alerts to speed and red light cameras, known speed traps ..
Cobra Electronics iRAD 900 iRadar Atom Radar Detector

When Connected to a smartphone view radar alerts, control settings, log alert history, and be warned of upcoming speed and redlight cameras. IRAD105 Features: Visual Alert Radar/Laser Detector, Detects 14 Radar/Laser Bands, Provides 360 Degree Detection, A..
Cobra Irad105 Radar Detector

It also provides Total Band protection and Patented Pop mode detection. WHINTLCBL Features: Intelli-Cable Intellicord, Allows Power Cord To Control Detector Settings - Such As Power, Displays & Modes, Total Band Protection, Patented Pop Mode Detection, Pow..
Whistler Whintlcbl Intelli-cable Intellicord

It is 12 feet in length and has a straight cord design. 71500002 Features: Straight Cord w/ SmartPlug, 12 Feet in Length, Straight Cord Design, Works w/ Radar Detectors, Power Cord For The Following Escort Radar Detectors PASSPORT-IQ 9500CI 9500IX-RED 9500..
Escort Smartcord Blue Escort Smart Cord

The Fossil Detectives' adventure starts in the heart of England a region surprisingly rich in significant fossil discoveries and cutting edge science. At a secret location in the countryside the Fossil Detectives have joined a special mission to track d..
Fossil Detectives: Central and East England

Whistler CR85 High Performance Laser-Radar Detector with Ka Max Mode is designed to help eliminate false alerts from radar based traffic flow sensors.
Whistler Cr85 Cr85 Laser Radar Detector - Ka Max Mode

The bare wires on the end of the cable can be connected to the fuse box or even directly to the battery. It comes with an integral fuse holder. This wire works with all Cobra radar model except DSP 9200 BT. RA-PSCB Features: 10 Foot Cord, Comes w/ Integral..
Cobra Ra-pscb Hardwire Cord

AutoScan mode Shadow Technology Total Tracking Laser Multiple Laser Diodes Easy-to-Use Programming 3 Power-On Indicator Modes POP Alert detection scheme 3 Signal Strength Meter Modes Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Superheterodyne, GaAs FET VCO Quantum Lim..
Beltronics Pro RX65 Radar Detector - X-band, K-band, Ka Band, Ku Band, Laser - VG-2 Immunity - City, Highway - Front, Rear Detection

Dirty Harry - Harry Callahan is a tough streetwise San Francisco cop whom they call Dirty Harry. In this action classic you'll see why - and also why Clint Eastwood's reputation as a premier film star and moviemaker is secure. A rooftop sniper (Andy Robi..
Dirty Harry Collection

TV’s most in-your-face cop drama returns with a gripping take-no-prisoners fourth season! Life at the Barn may never be the same after the Strike Team is dissolved and Vic and Shane are assigned to regular detective duty. Captain Aceveda is also lea..
The Shield - Season 4

All three feature-length episodes from the third series of the BBC crime drama starring Kenneth Branagh as the Swedish detective. Inspector Kurt Wallander (Branagh) and his team at Ystad police station investigate a number of violent and terrifying murders..
Wallander - Series 4 The Final Chapter

Person of Interest is a crime thriller about a presumed-dead former CIA agent John Reese who teams up with mysterious billionaire Harold Finch to prevent violent crimes with high-tech surveillance and their own brand of vigilante justice. Reese's special..
Person of Interest - Season 1

The Opera House is the hub of cultural and social life in Eastville and everyone who's anyone is a regular visitor. As the lead Detective you must interrogate the leading characters and watch as the story unfolds revealing that the murderer wears a Scaramo..
Valuesoft 755142734329 73432 Eastville Chronicles: Drama Queen Murder - Windows Vista/7/xp

Guardzilla's camera will show a live feed of what it sees, but once armed, will send you notifications should its motion detection sense a disturbance. Other feature benefits include 100 dB siren, infrared night vision, pet immunity, auto arming and disarm..
Guardzilla Gz502b Wireless All-in-one Video Security Surveillance System - Black

Bring your multimedia performance to life with an NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 graphics card. Count on NVIDIA dedicated graphics for a faster m
Pny Vcggt640xpb Nvidia Geforce 640 1024mb Ddr3 Pcie Graphics Card
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Panasonic Kx-tga20b Key Detector

Attach key detector to your car key ring and activate the key detector's beeping alarm to quickly track down your lost keys. Key Detector's powerful range finds objects up to 600 feet away so you'll find whatever's lost whether it's upstairs, in your car o

Thrust, 48"" Shaft) Brand New Includes Two Year Warranty, Product # 940800211 (48"") The MotorGuide Xi5 55lbs is a wireless trolling motor. A wireless foot pedal is typical with freshwater models. the Xi5 cosists of wireless capability right out of the box

Garmin Gmr Fantom 18 18-inch Dome Radar

These 40 W solid-state dome radars with MotionScope Technology use the Doppler effect to detect and highlight targets in different colors as they move toward or away from you, helping you avoid potential collisions. It features low power consumption, insta


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