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The basic assumption is that the demand for energy is a derived demand arising through the production of household services. Durable choice is associated with the choice of a particular technology for providing the household service. Econometric systems ar..
Consumer Durable Choice And The Demand For Electricity

He discusses methods for quantitatively estimating benefits derived from the maintenance or improvement of air and water quality. Suitable for undergraduate classroom use. Originally published in 1984
Measuring The Benefits Of Clean Air And Water

However, this is actually an issue that originates and develops in elementary school. In Do Children Drop Out of School in Kindergarten? Gregory Hickman and Randy Heinrich show how high school dropouts in many ways drop out of school long before they reach..
Do Children Drop Out Of School In Kindergarten?

The refined daughter of an old family, Gertrude Coppard, meets a rough-hewn miner at a Christmas dance and falls into a whirlwind romance. But soon after her marriage to Walter Morel, she realizes the difficulties of living off his meager salary in a rente..
Sons And Lovers

Mrs. Rabbit tries everything she knows, from lullabies, lots of snuggles and even a warm bubble bath, but Little Bunny is not ready to sleep and he is beginning to enjoy this alone time with Mommy! Finally, Little Bunny wears himself out and flop he is fas..
Little Bunny's Bedtime!

Original. 5,000 first printing. Language: ENGLISH Pages: 291 Dimensions: 8.00 x 5.25 x 1.00 Weight: 0.62
Little Drifters

Ideas included are: Shirt-Waist, Shirt-Waist Sleeve, Foundation Skirt, Tight-Fitting Waist and Collar, Tight-Fitting Sleeve and Kimono Waist.
Dress Making - Drafting And Pattern Making

1066. Over 160 illustrations, including 17 full-color plates, display draped robes of classical Greece, the jewel-encrusted apparel of a 10th-century Byzantine emperor, garments of peasants, as well as footwear, hairstyles, headdresses, and jewelry.
Ancient European Costume And Fashion


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