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Conifer is a Latin word, a compound word of conus and ferre (to bear), meaning the one that bears (a) cone(s).The conifers, division Pinophyta, also known as division Coniferophyta or Coniferae, are one of 13 or 14 division level taxa within the Kingdom Plantae. Pinophytes are gymnosperms. They are cone-bearing seed with vascular tissue; all extant conifers are , the great majority being with just a few being . Typical examples of conifers include cedar, Douglas-fir, cypresses, , , kauri, , , hemlo..
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DNA Databases: Society Will Benefit from Sharing Information in DNA Databases; Biometric Identification and DNA Databases Are Dangerous to the Public; DNA Databases Help in the Fight Against Crime; Gaps in DNA Databases Prevent Police from Solving Crimes; ..
DNA Databases

Master the Fundamentals of Oracle Database 12c Filled with easy-to-follow tutorials, this Oracle Press guide provides detailed coverage of core database concepts, the role of the administrator, and enterprise database capabilities. Oracle Database 12c: Ins..
Oracle Database 12c: Install, Configure & Maintain Like a Professional (Oracle Press)

Written by one of the world''s leading database authorities, Database Concepts, 4e, introduces the essential concepts students need to create and use small databases. The new edition is updated for access 2007. Database Fundamentals; The Relational Model; ..
Database Concepts

For students in the introductory course in database who want to learn how to design rather than just manipulate relational databases.The book that balances database theory, business problem solving, and hands-on-practice. This book prepares student for the..
Database Design and Development

They'll tell you how you can integrate your existing Oracle solutions with big data systems, using each where appropriate and moving data between them as needed.' -- Doug Cutting, co-creator of Apache Hadoop Cowritten by members of Oracle's big data team,..
Oracle Big Data Handbook

The Service Broker messaging feature of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 makes it easy to build a whole new class of reliable, asynchronous, and distributed database applications by offering unprecedented levels of reliability, performance, scalability, and fault..
The Rational Guide to SQL Server 2005 Service Broker

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Extending Database Technology, EDBT 2002, held in Prague, Czech Republic, in March 2002.The 36 revised full papers presented together with six industrial and application ..
Advances in Database Technology - Edbt 2002: 8th International Conference on Extending Database Technology, Prague, Czech Republic, March 25-27, Proce

The book introduces the basics of HTML, cascading style sheets, and PHP, then moves on to specific concepts such as database portals, value lists, and complex navigation systems. Advanced topics include uploading and referencing files within the database a..
Filemaker Web Publishing:  A Complete Guide To Using The Api For Php: A Complete Guide To Using The Api For Php

The 4.5-inch aperture provides excellent light-gathering ability and the Built-on StarPointer finderscope to help with alignment and accurately locating objects. It then analyzes these pictures against an internal database and automatically aligns the tele..
Celestron 31150 Celestron 114lcm Telescope

It features advanced digital signal processing technology that identify real threats fast. The Passport 9500iX features multiple high-performance laser sensors that provides maximum laser warning, with superior off-axis protection. The detector is preloade..
Escort Passport 9500ix Blue Advanced Radar Detector

The software covers mainly USA and Canada NT database. Navigational Software, Contains USA & Canada NT Database, Displays 6.5 Million Points Of Interest - Includes Hotels, Restaurants, Parking, Entertainment, Fuel & Shopping, Gives Turn-By-Turn Directions,..
Garmin Garm-010-11227-06-n Navigational Software  (microsd/sd Card)

It also features selectable over speed warning, directional N, S, E, W voice prompts, odometer, elapsed time and many more. RLC-360 Features: GPS Module, Red Light/Speed Camera Locations, Updatable Camera Database, Free Updates For One Year, Manual Camera ..
Whistler Rlc360 Radar Detector Gps Accessory

B ul li The 8Gb PCI e FC Host Bus Adapters are priced only slightly higher than equivalent 4Gb HBAs, yet they have the ability to deliver twice the I O performance. li li Be well positioned for the future with 8Gb technology. li li When using storage..
Hpe 81q 8gb 1-port Pcie Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter - 1 X - Pci Express - 8 Gbit/s - 1 X Total Fibre Channel Port(s) - Plug-in Card Ak344sb

Engenius Ews1200-28t 24-port Gigabit Managed Smart Switch

It uses ezMaster Centralized Network Management Software, a robust, yet easy-to-use web-based tool. ezMaster requires no access point licensing, subscriptions or technical support fees. EWS1200-28T Features: Smart Gigabit Switch, 24 Gigabit Ethernet Ports,..

B ul li The 8Gb PCI e FC Host Bus Adapters are priced only slightly higher than equivalent 4Gb HBAs, yet they have the ability to deliver twice the I O performance. li li Be well positioned for the future with 8Gb technology. li li When using sto..
Hp 82e 8gb 2-port Pcie Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter - 2 X - Pci Express - 8 Gbps Aj763sb

Designed to let anyone understand and communicate instantly, the device features all the latest programming advances. Containing a comprehensive dictionary vocabulary database plus 14,000 of the most important phrases for immediate communication, the devic..
Eth500 English-thai Dictionary


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