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But did you also know that catnip can help calm a frantic feline during an extended car trip? Or that catnip can ease feline gastrointestinal distress? In fact, there are many common herbs that can do wonders for your cat's health. In 10 Herbs for Happy, ..
10 Herbs For Happy, Healthy Cats

. . George, a male calico, was a genetic anomaly, a manifestation of something that isn't supposed to happen, a creature so rare that even most veterinarians have never seen one. His curious existence sparked Laura Gould's long search through the archives ..
Cats Are Not Peas

It doesn’t require anything fancy—a toilet, a stack of magazines or newspapers, masking tape, plastic wrap, a supply of cat litter, and a litter box—and it’s the perfect program for anyone who wants a happier, healthier cat. The program begins with..
How To Toilet-train Your Cat

Carefully selecting the best articles from our collection we have compiled a series of historical and informative publications on the subject of the domestic cat. The titles in this range include "The Cattery" "A Guide to Feeding Cats" "Cats in Prose and P..
The Origins And Evolution Of The Domestic Cat - A Collection Of Historical Articles On Feline Development

It’s not all just sleeping in sunspots, curling up on laps, and looking adorable. Our cats are just as motivated as we are to get a good day’s work done. The next time one of your dog-loving friends (shudder) asks you What’s your cat even good for ot..
Hardworking Cats

He should have learned his lesson then, from Fluffy. But as he says, “I listened to my heart instead, and that always leads to trouble.” In this tell-all of how the Tarte household grew from one recalcitrant cat to six—including a hard-to-manage stra..
Kitty Cornered

Language: ENGLISH Pages: 24 Dimensions: 9.00 x 9.00 x 0.25 Weight: 0.75
Pete The Cat's Got Class Pete The Cat Har/pstr

Language: ENGLISH Pages: 40 Dimensions: 11.75 x 9.00 x 0.45 Weight: 0.85
Pete The Cat And His Magic Sunglasses Pete The Cat

It keeps pets cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The plush CAT bed is made of ultra-soft synthetic sheepskin. It can be used in the crate if your cat is small and can be used as an ordinary bed if your cat is larger. CAT130-CB Features: Plush Cat B..
Midwest Cat130-cb Plush Cat Bed For Cat130

It will provide your cat hours of fun and exercise. Most importantly it will help reduce potential furniture damage due to scratching. Pads on the Turboscratcher are replaceable. Turboscratcher comes equipped with catnip and ball. PIF-275-19 Features: Turb..
"bergan 70128 16"" X 16"" X 1.88"""

Pets are more than just animals. They are companions best friends and members of the family. Pet owners care deeply about their animals which is reflected in the amount they spend on them. g-paws develops leading-edge technologies to help owners keep tra..
G-Paws Pet Tracking GPS Data Recorder

The sensor has a 3 feet range and the spray is unscented to avoid any allergic reactions. The spray can holds up to 200 sprays and can be refilled. PDT00-13914 Features: Motion-Activated Repellent Deterrent, Repels Cats Up To 3 Feet Away, Scentless Spray A..
Petsafe Pdt00-13914 Cat Control System

It can fit in any interior door that is 1"" to 2"" thick, and has a sliding lock mechanism allowing the door to be open all the time or locked. It's sturdy plastic frame will last the life of your house. CC10-050-11 Features: PetSafe 2-way Locking Cat Door..
Petsafe Cc10-050-11 Cat Flap

Cat Litter 24/7 20Lb Conventio NESTLE PURINA PETCARE C Litters / Litter Boxes
Cat Litter 24/7 20lb Conventio Nestle Purina Petcare C Litters / Litter Boxes

The long-running popular comic strip about the fat and lazy cat named Garfield comes to life with this live-action Hollywood comedy. Based on characters created by Jim Davis the film tells the story of this supremely spoiled pet who wants the affecti..
Garfield The Movie


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