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In the high-tech gold rush of modern Silicon Valley the people most qualified to succeed are the least capable of handling success. The show charts the rising fortunes of Richard an introverted computer programmer who lives in a “Hacker Hostel&..
Silicon Valley - Season 1

Verdi: Four Sacred Pieces
Verdi: Four Sacred Pieces

BAND THE THE BAND Robertson and his mates had the songs and the sound to make an all-time classic with their second LP. This hit #9 in '69; this reissue has two versions each of The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down; Rag Mama Rag , and Up on Cripple Creek p..
The Band

Raven presents two classic, original country-rock albums by the multi-platinum selling and Grammy Award winning singer LINDA RONSTADT, one of the most popular American performers of the last 35 years. Hand Sown... Home Grown (Capitol, 1969) and Silk Purse ..
Hand Sown Home Grown / Silk Purse

Daniel Pinto offers a unique insight into how the East is winning the battle for economic supremacy, thereby shaping the new world order and leaving America and Europe with no choice but to reinvent themselves. Drawing on his own experience at the highe..
Capital Wars

Its triumph was so complete that the word “capitalism” itself fell out of use in the absence of credible political alternatives. But with the outbreak of financial crisis and global recession in the twenty-first century, capitalism is once agai..
The Communist Manifesto

Burton-Jones arguew that industrial-era models of firm-market boundaries, work arrangements, and ownership and control are inhibiting firms'' and individuals'' success in the emerging knowledge economy. New models are described to help ..
Knowledge Capitalism: Business, Work, And Learning In The New Economy

The Obama administration''s corporate bailouts, excessive spending, and sweeping expansion of government interference in the private economy are undermining our economy and the hopes and dreams of future generations. History suggests these polici..
The Road To Prosperity: How To Grow Our Economy And Revive The American Dream

Of 520 convicted capital offenders sentenced to die between 1923 and 1972, 361 were actually executed, thus maintaining Texas’ traditional reputation as a staunch supporter of capital punishment.This book is the single most comprehensive examination to d..
The Rope, The Chair, And The Needle

As the title implies, most of the essays are directed to the development of the three great topics of modern economic theory to which he contributed--Value, Capital, and Growth. More specifically, there are important papers on general equilibrium, aggregat..
Value, Capital And Growth

What has come to light, however, is a growing number of photographs, many from private albums and some that lay forgotten in obscure archives. These include many close-ups and onboard shots, of great value to modelmakers, and rare action photos taken durin..
German Capital Ships Of The Second World War

Swap Values & Capitalism Binding: Paperback Publisher: Natl Book Network Publish Date: 2011/11/15 Language: ENGLISH Pages: 113 Dimensions: 6.50 x 4.50 x 0.50 Weight: 0.24 ISBN-13: 9780844772066
Swap Values & Capitalism


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