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DVD Book of Dogs is a 128-page hardback book written by Jon Stroud. Beginning with the origins of the dog this is a fascinating insight into the history of canines as pets.Individual entries for specific breeds and types of dogs contain beautiful photograp..
DVD Book of Dogs

But when he emerges from a recuperative care center, all that is gone, his legs and hands don''t work right, his mouth says every word that pops into his brain, and he has to write down his thoughts so that he remembers even the most basic direct..

Originally applied to compute properties of atoms and simple molecules, DFT has quickly become a work horse for more complex applications in the chemical and materials sciences. The present set of lectures, spanning the whole range from basic principles to..
A Primer In Density Functional Theory

Booze for Free: The Definitive Guide to Making Beer, Wines, Cocktail Bases, Ciders, and Other Drinks at Home Publisher: Penguin Group USA Publish Date: 2/26/2013 Language: ENGLISH Pages: 334 Weight: 1.16 ISBN-13: 9780452298804 Dewey: 641.2/2
Booze For Free: The Definitive Guide To Making Beer, Wines, Cocktail Bases, Ciders, And Other Drinks At Home

David Roy, a very sick man, is a participant in a trial for a promising new drug that may finally relieve his years of suffering. Just weeks into the testing, the trial is abruptly stopped by the drug''s maker, Friez pharmaceuticals, not because it isn''t ..
The Chosen Few

Exploring the Basics of Drawing Publisher: Cengage Learning Publish Date: 7/25/2014 Language: ENGLISH Pages: 270 Weight: 2.04 ISBN-13: 9781305386464 Dewey: 741.2
Exploring The Basics Of Drawing

The Gunpowder Plot And Lord Mounteagle''s Letter
The Gunpowder Plot And Lord Mounteagle''s Letter

But although a large proportion of the top stories these sites disseminate cover politics, international relations, and economics, users of these sites show a preference (as evidenced by the most viewed stories) for news about sports, crime, entertainment,..
The News Gap


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