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Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar Bluestar Blackstar

The Ju 87 or Stuka (from Sturz kampfflugzeug, "") was a two-man (pilot and ) and . Designed by , the Stuka first flew in 1935 and made its combat debut in 1936 as part of the 's during the .
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Relive the fall of one of history's greatest civilizations Filled with dramatic re-enactments and action-packed battle scenes Rome: The Rise And Fall Of An Empire chronicles the dramatic story of one of history's greatest empires from its first major..
Rome - Rise and Fall of an Empire

A covert group comprised of scrawny tweens, the Squeezers are the only ones who can fit into the cramped subterranean battlefield and fight the insects on the frontlines! It''s a daily battle, but one the Squeezers can manage . . . until a new ki..
Juice Squeezers

It is the only known detailed account in existence of the small radar units who played a key part in the Western Desert Campaign.A budding professional writer and grammar school master, Fred Grice had a keen eye for detail and ear for language, which he as..
War's Nomads: A Mobile Radar Unit In Pursuit Of Rommel During The Western Desert Campaign, 1942-3

After the fall of the once-prosperous Uldein Empire over one hundred years ago, the Four Great Nations now wage war to claim dominion over the Resonail continent. Battles are no longer fought by honorable knights loyal to a nation, but by mercenaries who s..
Grand Kingdom

People were signing up to go to war; rescue workers were laboring to clear rubble. But instead of becoming a rallying symbol in the fight against terrorism, Ground Zero has been plagued by intense conflict and controversy from the very start. "Battle for G..
Battle For Ground Zero Reprint

Series from Ian Allan which concentrates on design, development and technical details with numerous close-up photographs and line drawings of chassis, engine, tracks, fighting compartment and armament of each design together with drawings of insignia and m..
Battle of Crete

Before Jeremy can design a program to calm the tremors of the universe, an alternative wicked reality appears that threatens to topple everything! Castle P. must face its evil twin, replete with its own dastardly doppleganger army--with the shadow self ens..
Castle War!

The Boy who stole a MillionPaco a 12-year-old boy working in a Valencia bank as a runner decides to ‘borrow’ money from the bank in order to pay the repair bill on his father’s taxicab. But a bank clerk soon realises that th..
Best of British Classic Comedy Box Set


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