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Barricade, from the French (barrel), is any object or structure that creates a or obstacle to control, block passage or force the flow of in the desired direction. Adopted as a military term, a barricade denotes any improvised field , most notably on the city streets during .
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Applications and source code are presented in both languages in the book and on the CD-ROM. You'll learn how to generate HTML pages and images on the fly, get CGI access on your ISP's site, ensure security for your CGI-activated site, parse form ..
Cgi Programming In C And Perl

With this book, you will heighten your knowledge and see how to usePerl and Apache to develop dynamic Web sites.Beginning with a clear, step-by-step explanation of how to install Perl and Apache on both Windows and Linux servers, you then move on to config..
Perl And Apache: Your Visual Blueprint For Developing Dynamic Web Content

The availability of the source code and the modular design of Apache makes it possible to extend web server functionality through the Apache API.For the most part, however, the Apache API has only been available to C programmers, and requires rebuildin..
Writing Apache Modules With Perl And C: The Apache Api And Mod_perl

It allows for the creation of make-believe worlds and characters that are so realistic they fool the eye and the mind. Lord of the Rings, Gladiator, and feature-length 3D animations like Toy Story and Ice Age, films that have left audiences speechless, for..
Cgi: The Art Of The 3d Computer-generated Image

This allows the reader to establish an environment in which to run CGI scripts on their own computer. It makes no assumption that the reader will have previous knowledge of any programming or scripting language, making it an ideal resource for the newcomer..

Compositing Visual Effects is lavishly illustrated with hundreds of film shots, figures, illustrations, and diagrams to help the visual reader gain a valuable vocabulary and understanding of the full range of visual effects, in which digital compositing pl..
Compositing Visual Effects: Essentials For The Aspiring Artist

With its sophisticated database, network, and multi-platform capabilities, the Perl programming language has emerged as an ideal tool for developing CGI-based Web applications...
Writing CGI Applications with Perl

Most notably, motion estimation serves as the foundation for many of today's ubiquitous video coding standards including H.264. Motion estimators also play key roles in countless other applications that serve the consumer, industrial, biomedical, and milit..
Control Grid Motion Estimation For Efficient Application Of Optical Flow


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