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Here, Nacim Pak-Shiraz highlights how many Iranian film directors concern themselves with the content of the country’s religious and historical narratives of culture and society, sparking debate about the medium’s compatibility or incongruity with reli..
Shi'i Islam In Iranian Cinema

Yet remarkably, within historical syntax, the Iranian case has received only very superficial coverage. This book provides the first in-depth treatment of alignment change in Iranian, from Old Persian (5 C. BC) to the present. The first part of the book ex..
Alignment Change In Iranian Languages

In The Poetics of Iranian Cinema, Khatereh Sheibani argues that Persian poetry, fiction, painting and other art forms all were influenced by the upheavals of the 1970s and 80s, but that this remarkable cultural revolution is best evidenced in Iranian films..
Poetics Of Iranian Cinema, The

Yet most of the attention has been focused on a small segment of Iranian film production: auteurist art cinema. Iranian Cinema in a Global Context, on the other hand, takes account of the wide range of Iranian cinema, from popular youth films to low budget..
Iranian Cinema In A Global Context Routledge Advances In Film Studies

The volume provides four principle disciplinary assessments of cosmopolitanism: philosophy, political science, sociology, and cultural studies,including literary criticism. The authors in this collection critically examine topics including the historical e..
Iranian Identity And Cosmopolitanism

Veil of Roses
Veil of Roses

In Iranian Music and Popular Entertainment, GJ Breyley and Sasan Fatemi examine the historically overlooked motrebi milieu, with its marginalized characters, from luti to gardan koloft and mashti, as well as the tenacity of motreb who continued their caree..
Iranian Music And Popular Entertainment

Mystic Regimes is a social-scientific and Iranological study of two Iranian, Shi'ite Sufi orders in the twentieth century. It studies their comparative social development in relation to political regimes and explores the cultural repertoires that Sufis hav..
Mystic Regimes: Sufism and the State in Iran, from the Late Qajar Era to the Islamic Republic


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