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This volume presents a new critical edition together with a German translation. It is the first time that all extant Greek manuscripts have been fully collated and evaluated. As well as explaining the dependencies of the individual texts, the recensio prov..
Vita Homeri Herodotea

Calling on memories from his own childhood as well as those gathered from friends and family, author and artist Patrick Atangan
Invincible Days

A heartbreaking tale of childhood poverty, abuse and racism that happily becomes an inspiring story of an extraordinary woman's strength through adversity.
The Power Of Bones: From A Troubled Childhood To Running A Cattle Station One Woman's Heartbreaking But Uplifting Story Of Triumph

As a field of practice, ECE should formally organize as a profession to realize consistency in practice across sites and program types. Goffin challenges the field to develop fieldwide leadership and diminish its reliance on public policy forĀ definingĀ it..
Early Childhood Education For A New Era: Leading For Our Profession

Millions all over the country are starting to wonder if peacetime really is much of an improvement on the War. Food shortages, endless queues, power cuts, rationing and freezing winters make it extremely difficult to make ends meet as husbands return from ..
Bombsites And Lollipops - My 1950s East End Childhood: My 1950s East End Childhood

Anyone connected to this field, whether they be administrators, teachers, parents, mental health consultants, early childhood mental health agencies, or universities, will want to learn about the unique stressors of this emotionally charged environment and..
Building Blocks For Reflective Communication

No description available.
Calculus: Single And Multivariable


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