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Wake Me Up
Wake Me Up

Nobukazu Takemura's impressive contribution to the otherwise unimpressive Reich Remixed marked him as a talent to watch. But on Scope, his U.S. debut under his own name (he released a record under the Child's View moniker in May 1999), Takemura is revealed..

1 John Butcher Ideoplast (7:38) 2 John Butcher Ashfall (4:38) 3 John Butcher Mustard Bath (5:22) 4 John Butcher Ejecta (9:21) 5 John Butcher & Toshimaru Nakamura Practical Luxury (19:17)
Cavern With Nightlife

Now, Dr. William Davis has created a portable guide, perfect for quick reference at the grocery store. Wheat Belly Slim Guide contains:     •  an extensive grocery and pantry list     •  lists of safe sweeteners, safe thickeners, and safe f..
Wheat Belly Slim Guide

By June 2008, Technorati was listing 112.8 million Weblogs and over 250 million fragments of tagged Social Media. The designation Technorati is a mix of the terms technics and clerisy, that appeals the idea of technological intellect either intellectualism..
Technorati 77 Success Secrets - 77 Most Asked Questions On Technorati - What You Need To Know

This Element is an excerpt from Marketing in the Moment: The Practical Guide to Using Web 3.0 Marketing to Reach Your Customers First (9780137081097) by Michael Tasner. Available in print and digital formats.
Are You Ready For Web 3.0 Marketing?

Jefferson is overjoyed by American victories late in the War of 1812 and highly interested in the treaty negotiations that ultimately end the conflict. Following Congress's decision to purchase his library, he oversees the counting, packing, and transporta..
The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson, Retirement Series, Volume 8

Including extensive reference tables for selecting thickeners, alternative seasonings, and expert advice on how to recover a sauce gone wrong, Mastering Sauces is “a must buy, and an essential one, for any serious cook.” (James Peterson, James Beard Aw..
Mastering Sauces: The Home Cook's Guide To New Techniques For Fresh Flavors

Validating Medical Packaging demystifies the validation procedure for medical device packaging by providing specific examples and templates for creating and maintaining a validation file. About the author: Ronald Pilchik has over 30 years of experience in ..
Validating Medical Packaging

It tells the story of the wealthy Godfrey Morgan and his department instructor, Professor T. Artelett. Together, they decide to set off on an epic adventure around the world. After becoming stranded on an island in the Pacific, they work together with an A..
Godfrey Morgan: A Californian Mystery

This volume brings together Coward's celebrated verse, from snappy epigrams to seven-hundred-line short stories such as 'P&O 1930' and 'Not Yet the Dodo'; from moving war-time encounters to satirical barbs at familiar Coward targets; and from personal remi..
Noel Coward Collected Verse


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