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He discovers that the lake at the head of the valley is contaminated with VX nerve gas. Using Predator surveillance, the CIA watches the Iraqis recover a canister of the gas and deliver it to the initial transporters. Now the CIA must make a decision - des..
The Valley Of Death

The surviving Marines quickly counterattacked. Their merciless response killed twenty-four Iraqi citizens, including an old man and ten women and children. This horrific encounter was quickly dubbed the Haditha Massacre and compared to My Lai, and its echo..
No Time For The Truth

But each explores a narrow slice of a whole: two wars launched by a single president as part of a single foreign policy. Now noted historian Terry H. Anderson examines them together, in a single comprehensive overview. Shortly after the terrorist attacks ..
Bushs Wars

On the 50th anniversary of the foundation of OPEC, Fadhil Chalabi, a former ‘insider’ who spent many years at the heart of this organisation, dispels myths and invites us to discover the realities, environment and evolution of policies that have shaped..
Oil Policies, Oil Myths

She is uniquely positioned to explain how the world works in this new era-and when it's in danger of breaking down."—Dr. Madeleine K. Albright, former U.S. Secretary of StateAre there limits to American power? The neoconservative brain trust behind ..
The Superpower Myth: The Use And Misuse Of American Might

From Gulf War I in 1991 to the present day, an incremental but unmistakable acceptance of, and resort to, military dispatches has taken place, and yet crucially, Japan has not morphed into a traditional military power. Exploring Japan's involvement in both..
Japan’s Civil-military Diplomacy Politics In Asia

His interaction with the other residents is limited; instead he spends most of his time in the virtual world, where he has a love affair with candygirl, a gorgeous avatar. On the other side of the planet, an ex-NSA agent has joined a secret organization wh..

Soldiers Who Say No to Iraq) decided to focus on the presumably innocuous business of butterflies. Fluttering across the globe for at least 40 million years, Lepidoptera face increasing threats in modern times, largely from habitat loss and pesticides. Ama..
The Dangerous World Of Butterflies


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